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What does Shropshire Cat Network do?

We evolved during the pandemic to help cats and people with cats. Since then we have become a not-for-profit organisation and set up a TNR Program – to date we have neutered over 80 cats in the Oswestry and Wrexham areas. We work with the smaller Rescues and help support each other.

Our goal is to help the unowned cats – the Community Cats – the ferals and strays who have little to no chance of being neutered (or spayed) or of receiving veterinary treatment for illness or injury.

These cats are the most vulnerable. They are the most likely to be neglected and they are the most likely to be forgotten.

They live in our Communities but often have to struggle to survive, sometimes in harsh conditions, with not enough food and lack of adequate shelter.

We give these cats a second chance through our Foster, Adoption and Relocation Programs.

We can only do this with support from people like you.

The more support we get the more cats we are able to help.

Education is key!

We want to provide people with the necessary INFORMATION, SKILLS and SUPPORT so they will be able to help their cats in their Community.

It’s easy enough to Trap a load of cats and get them Neutered with a view to Returning them to the place where they were living but WHAT IF…? There are so many What if’s….

The location may be dangerous; there is a cat that needs veterinary treatment; there is a Mother with kittens; there is a heavily pregnant cat; there are older unsocialised kittens; there is a very friendly cat that we could find a home for. The list is endless.

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Rest in Peace Popeye (aka Nelson, The Godfather and Mark)

It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I write this post.

Popeye that amazing cat who has won the hearts of so many people, is no longer with us.

Popeye had Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and it was believed that the swelling around his badly infected eye was caused by cancer.FeLV adversely affects a cat’s body in many ways. It is the most common cause of cancer in cats, may cause various blood disorders, and may lead to a state of immune deficiency that hinders a cat’s ability to protect itself against other infections.With Leukemia, an already suppressed immune system and his badly infected eye – would it have been fair to put Popeye through an operation and more pain? Would the stress of the operation have been too much for him? We don’t know how much longer Popeye would have had left or how long he had had the Leukemia.Popeye had a hard life on the streets and finally just when he had the chance of a much better life in a loving home – well, it’s just not fair!

This didn’t need to happen! There is a vaccine for Feline Leukemia. Did Popeye catch the virus because he was an unneutered male that got into fights with other unneutered males? Has he passed the virus onto other cats?Cats persistently infected with FeLV serve as sources of infection for other cats. The virus is shed in saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces, and milk of infected cats. Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus may occur from a bite wound!

Please get your cats neutered and vaccinated!

If there are unneutered strays in your neighbourhood, we will help to get them neutered and hopefully what tragically has happened to Popeye will not happen to other cats.