Cardboard Cat House Competition

Design a gorgeous cardboard cat house for your cat – any size, any shape, any colour or any design.

You are only limited by your imagination! And your cardboard supplies!

Check out the videos at here for ideas!

Harrison aged 11 and Pippa aged 10: The children wanted to make their cats Tabiitha and Luna somewhere special to hang out or play. Firstly Pippa decided to make them a cafe to serve up tasty treats. As you will see Tabiitha and Luna were extremely satisfied customers! Harrison decided it would be nice for the kitties to have a place to watch him play Xbox games (or join in if they fancied it!!). Together Harrison and Pippa designed and made a fairytale castle complete with working drawbridge! After all, every princess deserves a castle ?.
Hello, here are my daughters entry. They worked on it together Grace Hilditch age 12 and Darcie Hilditch age 5. Darcie wanted the house to look like her cat Muffin. It has a tunnel at the bottom with toys hanging down to play with and circles cut out which are just the right size for muffin to fit through. In the head is a little house with a blanket to sleep in. The tail is a tube covered in carpet as a scratching post and a bed with blanket on top. There is also a cardboard scratching board on the side. As you can see Muffin loves the tunnel and has inspected the other areas.  We live near Church Stretton in the countryside, Muffin loves to go hunting and curl up and have a sleep somewhere after. Muffin and Darcie are best friends! Muffin is a rescue cat we had her as a kitten from Shropshire street cats 3 years ago. She was born behind a medical centre before she was rescued. We also have another rescue cat called Maisie, she was hand reared before she came to us 4 years ago. She also loves hunting, but her favourite past time is going for a walk, she follows us if we go anywhere. Maisie is my son Zacks cat. We hope you like it. We will donate some cat food next time we go to the supermarket. Thank you. Kim.

There are 2 categories

Under 13s / Over 13s

The Rules

Have fun and be creative!

How to enter

Create your masterpiece and get your cat(s) to inspect it. Take photos from all angles and send your photos to

Tell us about you, your cat and your design.


Final day for entries

1st July 2020 – CLOSED

The Judges

The Buy Rope company will be judging the competition!

The Winners

Both winners get a prize and the Over 13s winner will also get to choose which Cat Rescue will receive the Cat Scratching Rope, kindly donated by

The Cat Rescues

  • Sleapy Cat Rescue
  • Shropshire Cat Rescue
  • Candy & Tibby Trust

Entry fee

Cat Food! If you are able to, then drop some Cat Food into a Food Bank collection bin. If you can’t then don’t worry – I know you would if you could – and that’s what matters!

The Prizes

Silkcraft Silk Painting Card Making Kit – Cats and Dogs

This is a card making kit from Silkcraft containing 5 gutta outlines approx. 10 x 15cm, 5 cards and envelopes and 5 bottles (5x10ml) of silk paint, pallet and brush. Instructions are included.

The gutta outlines are attached to a backing paper which allows them to be painted without attaching to a frame. Children over the age of 5 will find this a lovely activity. Great for adults too!

Cheeky Little Prints Personalised Paw Print Stamp

(Single, double or triple depending on how many pets the winner has!

Do you always draw a little paw print for your pet when you sign Birthday and Christmas cards?

Well now you can sign your cards with your pet’s actual paw print! The pawfect personalised stamps showcase your precious pet’s unique paw print and their name all mounted on tulipwood. The beautiful tulip wood blocks have been manufactured exclusively for Cheeky Little Prints and have a lovely grain and colour patterns. The blocks are shaped with a curve to make them easy to hold. Stamps can be used with any high street ink pad so you can have lots of fun with different colours. 

You will be sent an inkless paw print kit so you can take your pet’s paw print.  The kit is very easy to use and mess free!  Once you have prints upload a photo of them to the website and you can indicate if you have a favourite paw print.  Don’t worry if your prints smudge a little or are very furry as we have lots of experience in tidying them up and cropping out the furry bits so you get a nice clear print!  Stamps are approx.  35mm x 30mm and 18mm deep.