Cats in Need

We have All been thrust into a situation that is truly unprecedented. Life as most of us has know it has changed. For how long, who knows!

We can’t afford to dig our heels in and stick to the same old way of doing things. We have to adapt to a constantly changing situation – evolve! Think outside the box!

Even viruses mutate and adapt, but we humans, who are supposed to be the highest form of life, say “NO! I’ve been doing it this way for 20 years, why should I change now?” Mmmm!

So, there could potentially be a BIG problem brewing if the Rescue Centres are full and can no longer accept cats.

Where will they go? Who will look after them? Have they been neutered? Have they been vaccinated? What if they’re elderly? What if they need medical treatment?

If they are abandoned, could it potentially have an impact on the wildlife population?

This picture says it all.

Thank you in advance to | How Many Kittens Can A Cat Have In One Litter! For the loan of your graphic.

This “Cats in Need” page offers possible solutions.

  1. Find people willing to Foster cats – long or short term.
  2. Try and find new forever homes.

Yes, we are on lock down and in the middle of a pandemic but there are ways of achieving this without putting anyone at risk.

If you desperately need to find a home for a cat and someone has offered to foster or even adopt the cat you can:

  1. Chat over the phone or face to face on Skype.
  2. Most people have a laptop or Smart phone – do an online home check and also check the garden.
  3. Look on Google maps and see what the area is like.
  4. If you both feel that this is a suitable match then maybe the cat can be left in the carrier at the door. Strict hygiene protocols in place!
  5. People can keep in regular contact, discuss any possible problems and send video clips and pictures.
  6. If it is a Foster situation then maybe you could offer to pay for the food and any vet bills.

Is that not better than a cat being abandoned and left to fend for itself?

There are very many people in self-isolation at the moment, potentially for up to 4 months. This can be a very stressful and lonely time for a lot of people.

Cats can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship.

If a cat is in desperate need of a temporary Foster home or even a Forever home and a person is in desperate need of companionship and the need to feel they are doing their bit to help during this crisis we are all facing – this is perfect!

Seems like a great solution to a potential problem!

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