Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch

Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch

Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch

Found a feral or stray cat?

  • How many people are feeding stray or feral cats in their gardens or at their workplace?
  • How many cats are there?
  • Are the cats approachable?
  • Are the cats breeding?
  • How long have the cats been hanging around?
  • Have the people feeding these cats tried to find out if they are “Missing” cats?
  • Have these cats been checked for microchips?
  • What happens to the cats during very cold snowy Winters?
  • What happens if the cats are injured or unwell?
  • Who will feed the cats if the person who usually feeds them is unwell?
  • What happens to the cats if the person is no longer around to feed them?
  • Are these cats upsetting people because of their increasing numbers, noisy mating behaviour, spraying and fighting?
  • Who can the people who are feeding these cats turn to for advice and help?

The present system does not make it easy for people to help free roaming feral and stray cats.

There is a lot of great information out there about putting paper collars on “stray” cats, putting up posters, distributing leaflets, posting about the cats on social media and then if no one claims them, they can either be taken to a Rescue or found a home.


  • What if the cats are not approachable?
  • What if the Rescues are full?
  • What happens if you can’t find homes for the cats?
  • What happens to the cats then?

A Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch is what we need!

Community Cats are free roaming, unowned feral or stray cats who live outdoors.

Feral cats do not want to live indoors and should not be taken to Rescue Centres. They are very hard to rehome and to be kept indoors, in close proximity to people, would be very distressing for them and detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

These cats can live full, healthy lives in their outdoor homes. They are no threat to public health. Generally, they try to avoid contact with people so it is almost impossible for them to transmit diseases.

Studies show that cared for Community Cats are just as healthy and can live as long as pet cats.

What would the Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch do?

Community Cat Caretakers would help support people who are already helping or want to help these free-roaming cats.

They would:

  • Be a voice for the Community Cats.
  • Educate the Community about Community Cats and empower people to take responsibility for the unowned cats in their neighbourhoods.
  • Help cats and people co-exist happily by readily addressing any concerns that people have over the presence of the cats.
  • Provide a Trap-Neuter-Return service.
  • Offer advice and help if a cat is injured or looks unwell.
  • Help to find Lost / Missing cats.
  • Help with homing any kittens or very friendly strays.
  • Help with cat food if needed.
  • Help with providing Winter Shelters.
  • Provide feeding support if someone becomes unwell or is no longer able to feed the cats.

This Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch idea can ONLY be achieved if people have a genuine desire to help these free roaming Community Cats.

How will Shropshire Cat Network support Community Cat Caretakers?

  • We will hold Certified TNR Workshops and other Speciality workshops
  • Set up Trap Banks
  • Set up Cat Food Banks
  • Provide ongoing advice and support to the TNR Volunteers

Anyone who takes part in a Certified TNR Workshop can:

  • Borrow the equipment for free
  • Have access to our Neutering Scheme
  • Have access to veterinary treatment for their Community Cats through our Injured Stray Cat Fund
  • Have access to the Cat Food Bank
  • Obtain Winter Shelters for the cats
  • Ask for help and advice at any time

Please help!

The Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch idea can ONLY be achieved if people have a genuine desire to help these free roaming Community Cats.

So, if you are interested in becoming a Community Cat Caretaker or if you are feeding stray or feral cats and need help get in touch!

We want to help you to help these cats!

My favourite quote and very appropriate!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro, Writer & Poet

Please support / sponsor our Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch program. Your very kind donations will allow us to be the Voice for these cats, to help raise awareness about their situation and to help fund Educational projects and materials – all of which will greatly improve the lives of these cats and benefit the Community.