Feed a Cat for Christmas

Feed a cat for Christmas

Feed a Cat for Christmas

Christmas this year is going to be very tough for many families. Money is tight and Food Banks are being used more than ever.

This campaign will help raise awareness that Food Banks need Cat Food too.

It would be cheaper to help people keep their cats by giving them Cat Food Support, rather than people have to think about giving up their beloved family cats because they can’t afford to feed them.

How devastating would it be to have to give up your cat? Where would the cat go? The Rescues are already struggling.

It’s a very simple idea!

Long socks will be stuffed full of cat food (biscuits, tins, pouches), treats and toys and the top tied with Christmas twine and a label added.

The Christmas Cat Socks can then be dropped off at various locations (to be announced) and then handed out just before Christmas.

It’s a bit of fun for all at Christmas!


How you can help!

We need:

  • Long socks (preferably clean ones!)
  • Cat Food
  • Cat Treats
  • Cat Toys
  • People who would like to help – by collecting donations and stuffing socks.

Donations can be dropped off at Petworld in Oswestry or Gyrn Cottage Cattery in Selattyn.

If you would like help please contact sam@shropshirecatnetwork.co.uk.

The “Feed a Cat for Christmas” idea is for anyone to run with!

Shropshire is a large county and for one person to coordinate things would be a logistical nightmare!

I can cover Oswestry and the surrounding areas. If anyone fancies doing the same in other towns then we can help a lot more people.

All you have to do is post about the idea on your local FB groups and ask if anyone would like to help.

Ask your local Pet Shop, Vet, Cattery etc. to maybe help by collecting donations.

Contact your local Food Bank, Church, Salvation Army etc and also ask on FB if they know of anyone who would like a sock.

If you don’t have time, by posting about the idea, maybe other people would be happy to organise things.

It really doesn’t need to be complicated and I think you will get a really good response and a warm fussy feeling when you see a growing pile of Cat Christmas Socks.

Note: Some Food Banks don’t have a lot of room so it may be worth suggesting that someone could drop the socks off in the morning on the days they are open and collect any that may be left over when they close.