Feline Artists

Feline Artists

Calling all Artists!

Here is a very unique and interesting opportunity to help homeless waifs and strays – would you consider donating a piece of Feline Art for us to use in a Feline Art Gallery and Shop on this site?

Ideally it would be something that we can use for prints, cards, T-shirts etc. This would help us to raise some much-needed funds to help the homeless cats.

We have some lovely photos of cute kittens and cats on the website which you are more than welcome to use for inspiration.

Any kind of Cat Art is more than welcome!

Our Feline Artist Section will have a write up and be able to display some of your artwork. Hopefully this will generate some business for you! If you are interested in this wonderful idea please get in touch!

Mike Bryson

Mike Bryson from pipsandbeans.co.uk designed the gorgeous caricature of Popeye for us.

It was originally designed for the Injured Stray Cat Fund but we decided to use Popeye as the mascot of Shropshire Cat Network – that way he will never ever be forgotten!

Popeye by Mike Bryson

Sarah-Leigh Walton (Wills)

Sarah-Leigh Walton (Wills) from happydesigner.co.uk designed the amazing logos for our various programs.

Working Cat Project
Orphan Kitten Fund
Injured Stray Cat Fund
Hissy Spitty Kitten
Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters
Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch

Craig Fitton

Craig Fitton is a Shropshire-based Graphic Designer with a life-long love of animals and, in particular, rescue cats.

Craig and his partner, Gemma, have their own Bengal rescue cat, Betty, and are often found taking care of lost cats and dogs in the community!

Craig and his family first met Sam, the driving force behind the Shropshire Cat Network, some 12 years ago when she sought a home for ginger tom, Rio, who still rules the roost in his parents’ house.

His work encompasses all aspects of design and features on websites, in products and promotional/advertising campaigns for a wide range of organisations both locally and nationally. He was delighted to answer Sam’s call to help Shropshire Cat Network by donating a number of his specially created, festive feline designs!

Craig’s email: contactcraigfitton@gmail.com.

Craig Fitton

Our Shop – Coming soon

Our designs will be featured on all kinds of merchandise for you to buy and support the Shropshire Cat Network