Free Neutering Campaign in Oswestry

Free Neutering Campaign in Oswestry

Good Afternoon everyone.

Very exciting news about the Free Neutering Campaign in Oswestry.

Shropshire Cat Network are delighted to be working with The Market Town Vet and Park Issa Vets and hopefully we can get every unneutered cat over 5 months of age neutered.

What a great opportunity to put a dent in the ever increasing numbers of unwanted kittens being born and hopefully prevent any more kittens being abandoned.

In order for this campaign to be successful we need to make sure that EVERYONE can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

We need to help people who:

  • Are self-isolating.
  • Have no transport.
  • Have lots of cats but don’t have enough suitable carriers.
  • Are feeding strays in their gardens that can’t be handled.

How can we help them?

  • Provide transport.
  • Lend people suitable carriers.
  • Offer to help people catch the cats they are feeding in their gardens.
  • Offer to help people rehome any litters of kittens.

Can you help?

  • Does anyone fancy helping with transport?
  • Has anyone got any cat carriers they no longer need?

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