Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters

Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters

Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters

What happens to the friendly, unneutered stray tom when he has just been neutered?

Do Rescue Centres want to take him in? No, not all of them do.

Why? Because the testosterone is still talking!

Neutering has removed the hormone-producing testicles BUT it can take up to SIX to EIGHT WEEKS for the hormones to subside. So, the cat’s behaviour may still be influenced by residual hormones – extremely pungent urine-marking behaviour, possible aggression towards other males and the cat may still be fertile.

Let’s face it, until the testosterone finally stops talking, the cat’s urine stinks and he may spray. The pungent smell lingers and is hard to remove.

So, where can such a cat go for a few months, to give the testosterone levels a chance to drop and the cat’s true nature to emerge?

If there is no place available, will this poor cat be denied the opportunity of finding that loving forever home, all for the sake of a few weeks?

No cat wants to fight and get injured, or be shooed away from people’s gardens or have to scrounge for food or be stuck outside during the Winter months.

This cat, through no fault of his own has been there, done it and got the scars to prove it!

Now all he needs is a safe haven for a few weeks so we can give him lots of TLC, build his confidence, gain his trust and assess him to see what kind of home would be the most suitable for him.

It may be that the spraying has become a hard habit to break and the cat would be better off as a cared for Barn or Stable Cat – because no one wants a cat that sprays in their house. BUT if the spraying does stop then surely this poor creature finally deserves the chance of a cosy bed by the fireplace!

What we need is a Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters!

Many stray cats are not feral cats. At one time, they may have been owned cats but their experiences on the streets may have taught them that not all people are friendly so they have become wary and will not approach people.

A lost or abandoned pet cat forced to fend for itself outside may behave like a feral cat in order to survive.

No self-respecting feral cat will sneak in through your cat flap to pinch your cat’s food or spray in your house. If this is happing it is more likely to be a once-owned cat turned stray!

These unneutered cats are considered a nuisance by many people and because of their fighting, noisy mating behaviour and the offensive smell of their urine when they spray to mark their territory, they are often chased away.

Once these cats are trapped and neutered, it may only be a matter of days or sometimes weeks for these cats to regain their trust in people and revert back to being friendly and affectionate pets.

It is also often possible to re-socialize some of the more mature “battle scarred, street wise, bruisers” who have lived rough for many years.

Unneutered male cats are the most likely to end up as strays because when they reach sexual maturity (about 5 -6 months of age) they will roam great distances looking for female cats in season and they may end up lost. An unneutered male can smell and follow the scent of a female over 7 miles.

Please get your cats neutered.

Are you are feeding an unneutered stray in your garden?

Do you have an unneutered stray cat hanging around your neighbourhood?

Please, do the cat a great kindness and help to get him or her neutered.

Get in touch and we will try and help you!

Please support / sponsor a Retired Street Fighter while he goes through our Rehabilitation program in a Half Way House.

Each cat will go to his new home with a Certificate to say he has successfully completed his Rehab and is ready to start his new life!