Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

Read the list and choose something you would like to do, maybe come up with your own ideas, or maybe link up with someone else and go for it.

  • Design a logo competition
  • Donate Pet Shop Vouchers to Rescue Centres
  • Ask people to donate items for prizes, online auctions etc (these can be posted directly to the winners)
  • People can set their Amazon account to donate a portion of their profit on their purchase for a chosen charity.
  • Cat artists can you donate a prize – a pet portrait?
  • Cat’s Protection and RSPCA have a discounted neutering scheme – in this time of crisis will they open this scheme up to everyone?
  • Do you have any spare wool? Can you knit some squares for the Rescue Centres?
  • If Catteries have reduced or no business can they offer a free or subsidised pen to anyone in hospital?
  • Grow some catnip that can be dried.
  • Can you do a cat related crosswords or quiz
  • Organize a competition – photo, poetry, short story
  • Set up a Q & A section
  • Ask vet suppliers to donate / discount cat vaccines, microchips / food etc
  • Ask pet food manufactures to donate / discount food via participating pet shops
  • Ask supermarkets to donate / discount food (please wait until all the panic buying is over!)
  • Drawing Competitions – drawing or write a story – can be put on the website with the winning story published in the newspaper? Different age groups.
  • 500 Words competition all about cats!
  • Crosswords, quiz.
  • Fun cat facts.
  • Send in a photo and tell us about your cat.
  • You Tube online course or blog on pet care for children – There will be thousands of children stuck at home for many months, let’s educate and entertain them.
  • Certificates and / badges.
  • Ask building firms to donate supplies – wood, wire, screws and build some pens (ask the Rescue Centres what they might need) Some rescues take in rabbits and guinea pigs too!