Is your self-isolation driving your cat mad?

Is your self-isolation driving your cat mad?

Spare a thought for all those cats who are in a state of bewilderment.

Believe it or not, some cats actually like it when their humans are out all day. Their peace has now been shattered and they may have to resort to the nearest hedge or cupboard for a bit of peace and quiet. At least the weather is getting warmer!

I can just imagine what the conversation between the cats would be – maybe this would be a good idea for a Story Competition!

Seriously though, if you think your cat may be getting stressed by too much noise or too much attention (yes, I know it’s difficult but leave the cat alone!) then maybe make a few changes now before problems start to appear.

For any Cat Behaviourists out there, this topic would make a very good article or Q&A section!

“Advice From a Cat Shrink!”

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