Nahla Update

Nahla Update

Nahla Update

This gorgeous and very heavily pregnant looking feline is Nahla.

She just mysteriously appeared at the Cattery one day looking for some food. She is a cat who prefers that you keep a certain distance away from her and can be quite nervy at times.

It was obvious that she was pregnant but I decided to play the waiting game with her. I knew that she would hang around for food and there was no point immediately trapping her and confining her to a pen where she would be very unhappy.

Gradually Nahla started to come into the Reception area for food but always within proximity of the door and she would flee if startled.

When Nahla started to look as if she was about to pop, I managed to shut her in the Reception area – she was not too impressed!

During last weekend when it was very wet, windy and cold Nahla gave birth to 5 gorgeous black kittens – I’m so glad it wasn’t outside but in a nice warm, safe place.

She is proving to be a great Mum!

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