Pet Support Network

Shropshire Dogs

The Shropshire dog community has not been forgotten. I have registered a website for you:

It is yours for 1 year. It’s there waiting. Find someone to set it up and go for it.

Feel free to use, adapt, improve my Document, use this site and format as a template. You have my blessing.

Shropshire Smaller Pets

If the owners of smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds, snakes, other reptiles etc feel left out and want to do their bit, let me know.

Shropshire Equines

The same applies to Equine lovers!

Pets in other Counties

If you like the idea of what we are doing. Then feel free to use the Document, adapt it or improve it. Use this site and format as a template.

I should imagine the www.(County)(cat/dog) is readily available for each County.

This website costs £2 + VAT per month for 12 months. If you want to know more get in contact.

How does this Network idea work?

This website does not deal directly with donations. If you want to donate money then the Participating Businesses or Rescue Centres can be contacted directly.

Let’s keep things as simple as possible to avoid legal pitfalls, small print and all that stuff!

Social media platforms can be used for people to get in contact over the internet and ask for help if needed either for themselves or someone they know. If people reading the posts can help or know of someone else who can then get in touch.

Again, keep things simple. These social media platforms are set up for this type of thing and have systems in place should anything go awry.

I should, in all honesty, point out that the idea of how this Network can work is the idea of my Brother Anthony. Thank you!! He was shamelessly blackmailed into setting up this website when I pointed out that his 2 cats came from Shropshire! Whatever works!!