Playing Cat Detective!!

Playing Cat Detective!!

Need to catch that elusive stray cat?

“They seek him here. They seek him there. Those Trappers seek him everywhere. Is he hiding in the bushes? Or is he hiding the barn? That damned, elusive, crafty cat. “

(Sorry couldn’t resist mangling that famous quote from The Scarlet Pimpernel)

You need to put in the ground work!

Give the stray cat an identity “Percy”. People will relate to his plight more.

Make some leaflets “Operation Percy” try and include a photo. Tell the neighbours what you are trying to do, enlist their help. Who doesn’t love the thought of playing detective!

Some strays, especially unneutered males have quite a large territory, so they may only appear in your garden every few days or more. He may be doing his rounds!

Ask neighbours if they have seen him, ask them to keep notes of days and times he appears, do they feed him?

Try and build up a map of his route and days and times he appears – there may well be a pattern to his movements.

This information will help you to catch the cat. You will be able to put the Trap in the best possible location and have it set up ready for his arrival. Food can be withheld by anyone who feeds him regularly on his route so he will be hungry and tempted by the tasty morsels awaiting him in the Trap.

Any owned neighbourhood cats can be kept indoors so they don’t trigger the Trap.

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