Shropshire Cat Rescue Raffall

Enter the Raffle to Support elderly cats at The Shropshire Cat Rescue Retirement Village

We are raising some much-needed funds to help support the elderly residents in the Retirement Village at Shropshire Cat Rescue. Due to this unprecedented crisis the Rescue has had to close their charity shop and cancel their Fundraising events. They are a 100% volunteer run charity and receive no public funding.

Shropshire Cat Network has organized this raffle and there are some fabulous prizes for you to win. These amazing prizes have been very generously donated to help us raise some money.

Please enter even if you don’t have a cat. Then, if you are lucky enough to win why not give the prize to a friend or even gift it to the Rescue. They could either use the prize for their resident felines or re-raffle the prize and raise even more money for the cats. Purrrfect!

Please enter the raffle to win some amazing prizes and support the elderly cats!


A gorgeous wood panel canvas print by feline artist Tamsin Lord

Not your typical chocolate box kittens – this multi-coloured litter come with a ‘sharp claws’ warning, and they’re not afraid to use them!

Contemporary and vibrant lightweight wood panel canvas print, with UV protective satin varnish finish. Includes D-ring hanger fixings on the back so no need for framing, and sits flush to the wall when hung. Includes authenticity certificate which is signed by the artist. Size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm / 8.2″ x 11.6″); 23mm deep.

Tamsin Lord is a member of the Society of Feline Artists (S.O.F.A.), a prestigious Society for artists who specialize in feline art. “I’ve been devoted to cats all my life, they never cease to captivate me with their comical feline ways and it’s an absolute pleasure being able to paint them for a living!”


£120 Gift Certificate for a Pet Photography Session from Joanne Photography

Joanne Thibodeau is a dedicated Pet & Equine Photographer – her studio is the largest pet photography studio in the North West (Stockport, Cheshire)

Whether the photography portrait experience is for your pets only or the whole family, you know you’re in good hands! “I love learning about your pets, their personality and their funny or sad stories. I am always patient when it comes to work with pets and nothing really faze me! For me, the most important is that your pet(s) is not stressed during their photography session. I always give them plenty of time to get used to me (and my camera). I am one of the only pet photographers who gives a 100% guaranty! If I can’t get any beautiful portraits of your pets, I will refund the registration fee. That’s to show you how confident I am with working with pets.”

Pets in the Studio: The studio experience is unique and fun and an amazing space. Joanne will create a range of contemporary portraiture to reflect your pet’s personality. Don’t worry about your pets misbehaving, Joanne has worked with all kinds of cats & dogs from nervous rescue ones to super excited ones.

Pets on location: Outdoor sessions are also available, Joanne will travel to a location of your choice to photograph your cats, dogs, horses & your family.


Studio Address: Goyt Mill, Unit 56 (Third Floor), Upper Hibbert Ln, Marple, Stockport SK6 7HX. Contact: 0161 341 2074


A lovely Scraaatch™ unit from Hicat®

An extra long horizontal Pipe that can be converted into a Stand Pipe with the addition of a base (included). This one has a green lacquered finish.

Pipe: Designed to give your cat two or four footed scratching – the body is filled with sand to act as ballast so lying next to the unit, straddling it or standing on it to scratch are all options.

Stand Pipe: This design is an upright version of the Pipe that is fixed to a base – it’s probably the scratcher that most cats will be familiar with but in a taller design & because it’s also filled with sand to act as ballast it’s without any of the unwanted wobbling or toppling over.

Scraaatch™ is Hicat’s range of big, bold & colourful cat scratchers that have a clean aesthetic & are very cat friendly in terms of practical use – they won’t move, topple or come apart when your cat is doing its thing. They are available in a choice of nine standard lacquered paint finishes plus 200+ custom colours – they’re wound in superior quality sisal rope to give your cat something very special to get their claws into. There are four designs available all with interchangeable parts – Pipe is extra long for a really big horizontal scratch, Stand Pipe is made for a tall vertical scratch, Wall Pipe can be set-up for an extra tall off the ground scratch & Stool is great for scratching & sitting (cats & humans).


Teatime Terrors wooden jigsaw puzzle by Wentworth Puzzles

This charming wooden jigsaw puzzle portrays what was an idyllic teatime scene showing a cosy cottage sitting room with the table set for tea in expectation of the arrival of guests. Until the mischievous kittens started creating havoc! Ripping the sofa and spilling the tea, these naughty little kittens will be in trouble. With delightful shaped whimsy pieces, Teatime Terrors makes the puuuurfect jigsaw puzzle gift for animal and especially cat lovers.

Packed full of unique themed whimsy shaped pieces for an entertaining experience. A fun puzzle to complete from popular puzzle artist Steve Read. Challenging irregular pieces for added fun and intrigue. Made from sustainably sourced wood and gift packaging materials. Precision laser cutting ensures. Intricate puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly


A lovely “Cats Making Faces” Wall Art Print by Aimee Mac

“This equally funny and cute high-quality digital art print of my original cats illustration is an open edition but signed by myself. 9 fluffy faces perfect for any cat lover, one of my favourite illustrations! “

DETAILS: 30cm x 30cm print. Printed on lovely smooth bright white 250gsm stock. Highest quality vibrant print. These prints fit perfectly in the 50cm x 50cm IKEA Ribba frame!


4MyPet Rope Ladder/Bridge and Sleeping Crate

Two 1M Rope Ladders / Bridges and a Sleeping Crate – like the ones in the picture. (The run and shelves are not included!)

These lovely rope bridges are a brilliant way to keep your cat entertained.
They are made using thick black rope and treated wood. They can be doubled up to make longer bridges, attached to shelves and positioned in any way to best suit your cat. They can be fixed to any surface with screws.

4mypet offer a large range of quality animal runs and accessories. All their items are handmade to order in their small factory based in Cambridgeshire. They only use the best quality materials and take pride in their work.

They also offer a bespoke service to fit any space.


Set of Avenida Cat Coasters with illustrations by Anne Bentley

These contemporary and adorable cat coasters are exclusively designed by Avenida Home and feature illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Anne Bentley.

Creative collaborative pieces featuring Anne Bentley designs and Avenida Home creations, forming part of their Cats Collection. Their stylish coasters feature various cats and will certainly add some delight to your tea or coffee breaks. It’s perfect if you’re a cat lover, or have an appreciation for contemporary design.
The winner will receive 6 coasters – 3 Tabby and 3 Siamese. The designs may vary from the above pictures.
Protective melamine coating
Heat-resistant to 160°C (320°F)
Non-slip base
Handmade in England


Catit Flower Fountain

Keep your cat hydrated with this lovely cat drinking fountain

• 3 water flow settings for picky drinkers
• Fresh flowing water which cats naturally prefer to standing water
• Triple action filter to help prevent urinary tract infection
• Small energy-efficient pump (costs less than 5p per day to run)
• Holds 3L of water
• Made of BPA-free materials
• Easy to disassemble and clean
• With water level indicator

PRIZES 9 & 10

An engraved Tagiffany pet identification tags

From the Sweetie Collection, these standard tags are engineered to challenge the toughest and roughest pets out there. Offering durability and strength through the integrated split ring hole design feature, these understated tags are not to be underestimated.

Our pet identification tags are engraved using the latest top of the range fibre laser machines. Your tags will look very smart with black filled lettering making it easy to read, clean looking and long lasting – just the job.

Tagiffany are the leading online retailer and vet suppliers for prestige designer dog and cat products. With several beautifully unique collections, Tagiffany are the market leaders in developing pioneering products for pet owners.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to ensure your experience with Tagiffany is memorable.

Our selection of quality, never seen before collections have evolved over the years to provide owners with the guarantee that Tagiffany products will last the test of time.

All Tagiffany pet identification tags have been manufactured from premium grade materials, combining style with versatility. The Tagiffany Collections are amongst the most attractive on the market, and are complemented with a durable polymer infill in a variety of stunning, vibrant colours.

Raffle Ends

Tuesday, 30th June 2020 at 23:45

Charity Donation

100% of the revenue generated from ticket sales goes directly to: Shropshire Cat Rescue Registered Charity No. 1071884

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