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How does this Network idea work?

This website does not deal directly with donations. If you want to donate money then the Participating Businesses or Rescue Centres can be contacted directly.

Let’s keep things as simple as possible to avoid legal pitfalls, small print and all that stuff!

Social media platforms can be used for people to get in contact over the internet and ask for help if needed either for themselves or someone they know. If people reading the posts can help or know of someone else who can then get in touch.

Again, keep things simple. These social media platforms are set up for this type of thing and have systems in place should anything go awry.

There are volunteers all over the county who have set up groups. They are classed as key workers and allowed to deliver groceries etc to self-isolating people and there are also some volunteers who telephone people regularly for a chat so they don't feel isolated. I am hoping that once this takes off that we can link up with these people and they can maybe drop the Tails of the Unexpected packs to those with no internet. They can also help identify any people who may be struggling for cat food. If a Pet Shop / Supermarket or Vet Surgery is willing to help they could also take in food then the volunteers could collect food from them.

The rest of the vulnerable people could be contacted via social media. If they are single and worried about what will happen to their cat the Tails of the Unexpected Packs will be very helpful and if they have no one to look after their cat in an Emergency, then maybe a local Cattery can be designated or a volunteer found to foster the cat. This would prevent Rescues being inundated or cats being abandoned.

Another part of this initiative is to help people who haven't enough money to feed their cats. It would be easier and cheaper to try and help these people keep their cats or Rescues will be inundated, or cats abandoned. Not to mention the emotional stress if they have to give up their pet. Imagine what that would do to any children.

What would we like volunteers to do?

  1. Get in contact with Catteries, Vets, Pet Shops, Cat Rescue Centres in your local area. Tell them what we are trying to achieve and encourage them to participate.
  2. Make contact with the other Volunteer Groups in your local area and offer to work together for the greater good.
  3. We need to locate any vulnerable cat owners who live alone and let them know that support is there. This is where the other Volunteer Groups can help because they may already have made contact.
  4. We can let people know about the “Tails of the Unexpected Packs” and if they have internet encourage them to fill in the forms. For those with no internet then the Packs can be delivered or posted.
  5. If the people have no one to look after their cat in an Emergency, then we can either nominate a local Cattery (vaccinated Cats only) or try and find some one willing to Foster the cat short / long term.
  6. Were we not in Lock Down, I would have suggested arranging for the cat to be vaccinated / neutered, but c’est la vie! Maybe this is something we could do when the restrictions start to be lifted.
  7. Try and get some Pet Food Banks set up in your local areas. There are people willing to donate cat food but we need Drop Off Points i.e. Pet Shops / Supermarkets / Business that are allowed to remain open etc
  8. If people are struggling to pay for cat food, it would work out cheaper and better in the long run, to help them with free food or the Rescue Centres will be over run or cats may be abandoned. If there are local Food Banks already set up, maybe we could join up with them.
  9. Raise awareness that the Rescue Centres need help too!


Tell us what help you can offer...

Please email Samantha for more information.